Vulnerability Intelligence

Did you know that nearly half of all UK firms have suffered attacks in the last 12 months?

Which is exactly why it’s important to invest in our vulnerability intelligence solutions. By opting for our assistance, we’ll help you understand the potential threats to your business, giving you back the control and power.

We’ll look at areas such as vulnerability, identifying exactly what is on your network, what should be protected and where your key data is stored. We’ll also look at prioritising the potential cyber threats to your business, looking firstly at the attacks you are most vulnerable to, and then moving onto the other threats.

The key benefits of investing in our vulnerability intelligence include:

  • Identify your critical data
  • Review the effectiveness of your current patching process
  • Provide visibility of disparate systems and applications
  • Show you where you are most vulnerable
  • Peace of mind for your business

Why choose ITC Secure?

At ITC Secure, we put the needs of your business first and work with you to find solutions that protect your business and your sensitive data. Using our expertise in vulnerability intelligence, we will work with your needs so you can regain control and be prepared for any potential attacks.

To speak to us about your concerns, call today on 020 7517 3900.