Building a Faster Future: Insights from the 10th Annual ITC Cyber Summit

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber security, where every click and tap can have far-reaching consequences, the 10th annual ITC Cyber Summit brought together industry leaders and experts to explore the depths of the digital realm. As we navigated the complexities of the age of AI, the summit aimed to equip attendees with strategies to build a faster future and fortify defences against cyber threats.

Setting the stage

The theme, “Build a Faster Future: Amplify your defences in the age of AI,” not only set the stage but framed discussions on geopolitics, cyber security, big tech, and innovations. Hosted at the historic Institution of Engineering and Technology, a venue synonymous with technological advancements, the summit promised an immersive experience.

Speaker sessions highlights

  1.  CEO address – A glimpse of 2024 and beyond

Arno Robbertse, CEO of ITC, kicked off the summit, emphasising the historic year of 2024 with a multitude of global elections. His quotes echoed urgency, stressing that “Criminals are perpetual early adopters” in the age of AI. The call for open dialogue and collaboration resonated, emphasising the importance of allies in the cyber security landscape.

  • The state of the nation – Navigating global cyber security trends

Lt. Gen. Sir Graeme Lamb delved into the uncertain waters of global cyber security trends, highlighting a divided world and the growing influence of state-level interests combined with criminality. Urging a three-line defence approach—the need for organisations to focus on internal cyber security measures, collaborate with major technology companies, and engage with third-party cyber security experts—he emphasised the critical role of cyber security professionals in safeguarding democracies.

  • Building a faster future – Strategies for cyber security excellence

Mark Weait, ITC’s Chief Revenue Officer, painted a picture of the escalating cyber threat landscape. Stressing the need for a holistic approach encompassing people, processes, and technology, he addressed the global shortage of cyber security experts and the impact of AI on both cyber attacks and defence. Weait emphasised the role of technology, advocating for the adoption of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) to move towards a hyperconnected, faster future.

  • Managing human risk – A paradigm shift in cyber security

Munya Hoto, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at CybSafe, challenged traditional approaches to managing human cyber risk. Highlighting the limitations of knowledge-centric strategies, Hoto proposed a shift towards a more proactive, personalised cyber security strategy. His session advocated for a collective effort to build a “modern, defendable cyber security strategy” emphasising the importance of adapting to the dynamic nature of human behaviour in the context of cyber security.

  • Securing identities in the digital realm – Safeguarding access

Drew Schuil, Chief Revenue Officer at Silverfort, delved into securing digital identities, emphasising the significance of Zero Trust and multifactor authentication (MFA). He addressed the challenges posed by on-premises legacy systems and discussed practical ways to secure identities in the digital realm. Schuil underscored the importance of addressing the MFA gap and service accounts gap for effective identity security.

  • The modern SOC in the age of AI – Balancing opportunities and challenges

Paul Kelly, Director, Security Business Group at Microsoft UK, and Steve McKeaveney, Head of Customer Success at ITC, concluded the summit with a discussion on the opportunities and challenges of AI within modern Security Operations Centres. Their recognition of AI as an amplifier highlighted the need for a strategic approach to its implementation. Microsoft’s AI solution, Copilot for Security, aims to assist SOC analysts in defending against threats. The speakers emphasised ongoing learning and adaptation to stay ahead in the evolving field of AI in cyber security.

Connecting the dots

As we reflect on these diverse sessions, overarching themes emerge. The urgency to address cyber threats, the global shortage of cyber security experts, and the need for a comprehensive, holistic approach were recurrent motifs. The interconnected nature of geopolitics, state-level interests, and criminality highlighted the complex landscape that cyber security professionals navigate daily.

Noteworthy moments of agreement were found in the emphasis on human factors in cyber security, the importance of a proactive strategy, and the recognition of AI as a powerful tool when strategically implemented.

Key takeaways

It’s evident that the cyber security landscape is at a critical juncture. The need for collaboration, adaptability, and a forward-thinking mindset has never been more apparent. The summit not only shed light on the challenges but also sparked conversations on innovative solutions and strategies to fortify our digital future.

As we distil the insights from the 10th annual ITC Cyber Summit, a few key takeaways come to the forefront:

Holistic approach: The future of cyber security demands a holistic approach, encompassing people, processes, and technology.

Human-centric focus: Acknowledging and addressing human factors is imperative, considering the evolving nature of work and the increasing complexity of cyber threats.

Strategic AI implementation: While AI presents unprecedented opportunities, its implementation requires a strategic mindset, careful controls, and ongoing readiness.

Proactive cyber security: Shifting from reactive measures to proactive strategies is crucial, especially in managing human cyber risk and adapting to the dynamic digital landscape.

The 10th annual ITC Cyber Summit provided a panoramic view of the challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving field of cyber security. The insights shared by the speakers illuminated the path forward, emphasising the collective responsibility we all bear in safeguarding our digital future.

As we navigate this complex terrain, let these insights serve as beacons, guiding us towards a faster, more secure future. Share your thoughts, continue the conversations, and stay tuned for more insights as we collectively amplify our defences in the age of AI. Remember, in the digital realm, collaboration is our strongest defence.

Access the 2024 ITC Cyber Summit sessions on-demand: Events and Webinars – ITC Secure | Cyber Advisory & Managed Security Services

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