Six steps to securing your supply chain

In his previous blog, ITC Cyber Advisor Neil Lappage discussed why you are only as secure as your weakest link when it comes to your supply chain and how the evolving threat landscape demands an integrated approach to cyber security. As companies evolve their operations, the dependency on third-party suppliers means that organisations are not […]

SASE: a holistic solution for cyber security in an era of zero trust?

The global pandemic ushered in an era of rapid digital transformation as a result of new ways of working, opening up organisations to ever-more complex and sophisticated cyber threats. While most businesses found a way to muddle through the worst of it, the resulting hotpotch and complexity of today’s environment, because of the proliferation of […]

People @ ITC: Q&A with Andy Hill, Account Manager

Customer success is a priority at ITC where our focus is to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers. In this series of Q&As, we go behind the scenes and meet some of the people at ITC who are driving the customer experience forward and helping to make the world a safer place to […]

The Human Element of Cyber Risk

If I were to ask 10 people what they thought cyber security actually entails, I am almost certain that most would think of the highly technical coding you see in movies. Although they would not be entirely wrong, there is so much more to cyber security than just technology. Yes, there are many solutions available […]

Leadership: Bridging the Gap

In this article Glenn Fitton, ITC’s Head of Cyber Advisory and CISO, explores the influence of leadership, why there is no “silver-bullet” for information security and the simple things organisations can do to better their security.  Glenn has represented information security at a senior level for several organisations across numerous complex industries including construction, FMCG, […]

Forrester TEI Report – Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Last month, Forrester released a Total Economic Impact (TEI) research document which revealed significant cost savings and business benefits associated with using Microsoft Azure Sentinel. To be clear – it revealed those benefits when the users switched from an existing traditional SIEM or “SIEM-like” (whatever that is) logging and correlation infrastructure. There are a lot […]

Sunburst – More heat than light

By now it is unlikely that anybody working in the cyber security industry is unfamiliar with the SolarWinds breach and code compromise, now known as the Sunburst hack. To recap; FireEye, on discovering that some of their intellectual property in the form of their offensive and red-teaming tools had somehow become available in the shadier […]