Azure Sentinel

Learn more about our Azure Sentinel platform

At ITC Secure we are Gold Microsoft Partners which enables us to offer a range of services leveraging the best Microsoft technology to protect your business, whilst providing round the clock management, detection and response.

By utilising our services for your business, you can address cyber threats and be proactive in the event of an attack. We’ll work by your side to provide a service that gives you control and peace of mind with the help of our industry-leading automated tools and technology.

What are the key benefits?

  • We give you access to automation on various security tasks
  • Our services enable you to adhere to compliance regulations
  • The data we collect is at cloud-scale
  • Our expert analysts provide context to alerts raised
  • Simple integration into behavioural analytics tools & workflow management systems

Find out more today

To learn more about us and our partnership with Microsoft, you can read our case study or keep up to date with the latest blog.

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