Security Information And Event Management

What is a security information and event management platform?

Also known as SIEM, platforms that are based around security information and event management offer visibility and meaningful insights that can be incredibly useful to business owners. By collecting, analysing and aggregating important information from various sources, you can be in control and have a clear picture of any potential cyber security threats.

At ITC Secure we are proud to offer PULSE, which is powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel and is our SIEM platform with SOAR capabilities.

With this platform you can benefit from:

  • Our cyber consultations who will work with you to understand your needs and concerns
  • Our technical experts who will tailor a solution based on your assessment
  • Our security experts who will provide proactive intelligent insights and give you insight on the next steps you need to take
  • Our customer success team who will build and run your cyber solution so you can focus on more pressing matters within your business

What’s more, you can also benefit from proactive intelligence, real-time visibility, around the clock operations and intelligent insights that will give you a fresh perspective.

See how PULSE can change your business today

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