Security Log Management

When you wish to develop your technological security protocol, you can always rely on the expertise of our team here at ITC Secure Networking. For in-depth, concise and tailored IT security, our experts can devise a system to best support you. From Security Log Management to Cyber Threat Management, we can ensure that your systems will be protected and managed under the leading experts in the industry.

Log management is vital to what we offer here at ITC Secure Networking. It’s often a process which is overlooked, but can help prevent hacking or the release of sensitive information. If you have one computer connected to a network, it’s vital that you implement an effective firewall and virus protection software.

Log monitoring systems are available to oversee all of a network’s activities and provides accurate data to put you on alert should there be a potential security breach. As well as monitoring activities in your entire network, you can also use log management to monitor individual work stations. The information this log system can produce is whether a USB device was connected and when, as well as whether the user was authorised to do so.

Find out more about our Security Log Management today and find out the importance of it.

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