Events and Webinars


[Webinar] Microsoft Cloud Security in the age of AI:

How to optimise costs & strengthen your cloud security posture


With the changing threat landscape and generative AI, we know that cost management and cloud security are high priorities for our customers right now, with many researching actively on how to optimise costs across their cloud infrastructure. This creates additional challenges for many organisations, as they look to cover any gaps in their multi-cloud security posture while preparing for generative AI and reducing the risk of cyber threat.

At Microsoft, we’d like to take the opportunity to enable our customers to help optimise cloud environments whether on Azure, AWS and GCP, with Microsoft Defender for Cloud. This will help in ensuring cost savings, third party vendor consolidation and ultimately, help our customers protect their organisations.

Thursday 23 November
11:00 – 12:30 GMT

Join us for this virtual webinar as we run you through and discuss:

  • How to optimise costs on your Azure environments while increasing your Security posture
  • Hear from our UK Security and Azure Business Group leads on the FY24 focus and how we’re helping customers get ready for AI with cloud security
  • Learn how Defender for Cloud can help you easily address common Cloud Security challenges
  • Gain technical insights through a demo of Defender for Cloud
  • Hear from customers on their success journey and how they reduced costs through vendor consolidation with Microsoft Security
  • Gain valuable resources and security offerings to kick-start your cost optimisation and cloud security journey

[Webinar] ITC x Silverfort: Unified Identity Protection


Implementing a Zero Trust architecture is not achieved overnight. Balancing budget and available resources to address the most urgent security gaps while delivering against a broader programme of work, managed over time, is often the optimal way forward for most businesses.

MFA is a critical component in preventative cyber security that enables organisations to protect on-premise resources, cloud resources, custom apps, and service accounts while ensuring compliance and cyber insurance requirements are met.

Together, ITC and Silverfort will discuss how organisations can focus their efforts and resources on activities that will provide robust coverage, reduce attack surfaces and deliver MFA for resources that couldn’t be protected before.

Thursday 30 November
11:00 – 11:45 GMT

Agenda topics include:

  • How to achieve end-to-end Zero Trust identity
  • Why MFA is a critical component in preventative cyber security   
  • Live demo
  • How to start your Zero Trust identity journey
  • Q & A