Innovate Your Hybrid Workplace: Identity Management (Part 2 of JML Workshop)

The adoption of the hybrid workplace, accelerated by the global pandemic, has more than doubled in the past year resulting in a long-term shift in how people work and operate daily. Whilst digital transformation has enabled businesses to meet new requirements and improve internal processes, it has also brought with it new levels of cyber risk. As businesses get ready for a more flexible future, the challenges to secure an organisation against internal and external threats become more complex.

In this series of workshops, ITC Secure will explore how you can innovate your hybrid workplace and effectively manage your security, identity and devices using existing Microsoft technologies, whether on-premises, in the cloud or both.

Identity Management

Our previous workshop addressed how to manage the Joiner, Mover, Leaver, (JML) process and the procedures required to address both on-premises and in the cloud. This follow-up session will involve a deeper dive into the technology side with example demonstrations. 

Scenarios include:

  • The life cycle of a user within an organisation when joining, moving roles and leaving
  • How Microsoft Identity Management (MIM) console and portals work
  • How to manage access via Azure SaaS to ensure that identities are secured from end to end


  • Andy Taylor, Lead Sales Engineer: Identity & Security, ITC Secure 
  • Jason Banks, Head of Identity & Access Management, ITC Secure