Mastering Cyber Risk Management

Cyber risk reporting is still in its infancy for many organisations, meaning CISOs lack the necessary tools needed to make business exposure to risk and business value tangible when communicating to the board. The static reports that are the most common output of cyber risk assessments provide limited visibility into where cyber risks are and how to mitigate and manage them.

Gain insight into:

  • How ITC’s NAVIGATOR, powered by Centraleyes, has changed the way we manage cyber risk engagements for our customers.
  • How we can provide insight and visibility into our customers’ cyber risk posture, identifying open gaps and providing an action plan of next steps


  • Glenn Fitton, Head of Cyber Advisory, ITC Secure
  • Rojan Mahdavi-Jovainy, Cyber Analyst, ITC Secure
  • Yair Solow, Founder and CEO, Centraleyes